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SDRD is a knowledge based organisation in the field of large scale socio-economic surveys. It is an organisation involved in strengthening the survey quality management system to produce timely, qualitative and reliable data for use in planning and policy formulation by Govt and other stakeholders.

Technical Mandate

Technical Guidance

Design efficient survey methodology

Technical Guidance

Design operational procedures of surveys

Technical Guidance

Produce quality documents for elucidation of concepts and processes of surveys

Technical Guidance

Produce reports on survey results

For any usual round of NSS or other periodic surveys of NSO (Periodic Labour Force Surveys, Annual Survey on Unincorporated Sector Enterprises, Time Use Survey, etc.), the above broad mandates are fulfilled. During a particular survey, various activities are undertaken by the Division beginning with the planning of a survey under the guidance of a technical group viz., the Working Group or Standing Committee, which comprises technical experts and subject specialists.



Execution of Standing Committee / Working Group meetings and providing necessary inputs/agenda for the meetings.


Formulation of sampling design


Undertaking studies to improve survey methodology


Formulation of concepts and definitions


Designing the survey questionnaires and schedules


Finalization of instructions to field staff


Imparting training to field personnel


Providing technical guidance to field officials and DQAD during the ongoing surveys


Drawing of tabulation plan


Finalization of survey results and preparation of survey reports

SDRD is also considered as technical experts on survey designs for large scale sample surveys and domain experts on such subjects as labour force surveys, consumer expenditure surveys, and so on. The Division is therefore asked for opinions/ comments/suggestions on related issues by outside agencies and are represented in different technical groups/ expert bodies. The suggestions and analytical presentations prepared for outside bodies such as other Govt ministries /departments, organisations are also outputs of the Division.