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Material on RFD

The Government has introduced a system for monitoring and evaluating the performance of Government Departments and Ministries from the year 2009-10.

The system seeks to address three basic questions

What are Departments basic objectives?

What actions are proposed to achieve these objectives during the year?

How would we know at the end of the year the degree of progress made in implementing these actions i.e. what is the relevant success indicators?

Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation is the Cadre Controlling Authority of Subordinate Statistical Service (SSS). The Ministry is concerned with all matters pertaining to the service including recruitment, promotion, training, career and manpower planning, etc. However, day-to-day administrative matters of SSS officers are taken care by the respective Ministries/Departments/Organisations in which these officers are posted.As per the system, at the beginning of each financial year, all Ministries / Departments are required to prepare a Results-Framework Document (RFD) consisting of the priorities set out by the Ministry concerned, corresponding success indicators and time bound targets to measure progress in achieving these objectives. At the end of year, all Ministries / Departments are required to review and prepare a report listing the achievements of their Ministries / Departments against the agreed results for placing before the Cabinet for information.