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Policy Implementation and Monitoring Division (PIMD) is headed by Additional Director General and comprises of one SAG, one JAG, two STS, two SSO and two JSO level officers. The Division is mandated to devise strategies to improve data governance and to steer the implementation of action plan so as to ensure full utilization of Industry 4.0 technologies. The PIMD spearheads the inter-ministerial statistical liasoning and is a nodal agency for developing framework for ensuring quality as per international standards.

The Division primarily undertake the following activities:


To steer and oversee implementation of various components of the proposed National Policy on official Statistics through the functional Divisions of NSO/Ministries where ever applicable.


To put in place a governance structure, i.e policies, directives, guidelines, practices and tools that will support acquisition, management and efficient use of administrative data.


To Coordinate with other Departments/Ministries (through the Statistical Advisors) in examining the statistical potential of the administrative records held by those organizations to help in building statistical requirements into administrative system then creation or redeveloping their administrative records system.


To examine the legal framework that exists with regard to access of data from the custodial organization.


To examine the policies on privacy, information management and sharing of information among government departments.


To lay down principles and protocols that explicitly addresses the statistical use of data


To establish inter-ministerial statistical liaison group as a forum for statistical issues of common interest, including the statistical use administrative data.


Developing approaches to statistical data integration and promoting common data quality framework and tools.


To explore the potential of linking administrative data to survey data or other administrative data, or linking administrative data longitudinally to promote the concept of “statistical data integration”.


To facilitate creation of repository of information including Meta data about administrative datasets available with all the Ministries/Departments within MoSPI.